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Council of Trustees

Darya Vogt, PresidentDarya Vogt, President

My name is Darya Vogt and I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After several years, I was happy to have found Tahoe.
I have lived here for 32 years and love the outdoors; hiking, camping, the beach, gardening, etc. If you are looking for me in the summer, you will most likely find me in my garden!

For 25 years I taught school, mostly to eight year olds locally at Zephyr Cove Elementary School, but also to college students at the University of North Dakota during my Master's Degree program. I have a husband, Michael, and 2 boys; Alex and Brian, PLUS 3 step daughters with 8 grandchildren (6 of whom live 5 minutes from me) They keep me busy!

During the summer, I volunteer as a UC Davis Master Gardener to promote sustainable gardening practices. For the past four years I have served on the Kingsbury General Improvement District as a Trustee whose mission is to provide water and sewer service, maintain roads and drainage in ccordance with health, safety and environmental standards. Preserving Tahoe's beauty is a priority for me.

I love music and I am so pleased to be able to finally, after all these years, have a chance to use my voice and be a part of Kristina and Jazz's outstanding Sunday concerts as One Voice.

When I was 20 or so, my mother left Catholicism and began attending Unity churches and consequently, so did I. She later became a Unity Minister, so each time I returned home, I became more and more exposed to Unity principles, books, and practices. Before long, I was using Unity principles on a fairly regular basis. It fits with my values and beliefs. No other church speaks to me like Unity does! And so I am delighted to serve as a council member for this church.


John Friedrich - Vice PresidentJohn Friedrich, Vice President

I'd long been looking for the place where the heart of spiritual traditions intersect around
universal values like love, peace, joy, justice, compassion. When I walked into Unity at the Lake in 2004, I found it!

Becoming a father a couple of years later deepened my commitment to the idea of helping to create a peaceful world on a restored planet for all children. Unity at the Lake affirms that vision in so many ways, especially the grounding in peace beginning with us, with our thoughts and habits of heart. The youth program has been an enormous gift for Rosie and our family.

We've received so many blessings and so much support from the Unity community. I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve and support its continuing evolution in our lives, and in the fabric of Tahoe.


Keith Williams - Treasurer Keith Williams, Treasurer

When I was asked to serve on the council of Unity at the Lake, I was both honored and excited. I've heard it said that the universe provides what we need, when we need it, even when we don't know that we need it. This has been so true in my life.
I grew up the youngest of three kids in a military aviation family and spent my first 12 years moving about the country. I always felt the love of a safe supportive environment and somehow knew that the universe was benevolent. Though my family were never "church goers" I did have some exposure to spirituality as a youth. All of these factors continued throughout my life. My parents never seemed to try to direct us, but simply taught by example. And what an example they were!
When my dad was stationed in Vietnam, my mother and I moved to Southern California to be near her sister. I was 14 at the time and spent the next 8 years in California perusing my education reluctantly; aviation with passion and my youth with typical abandon.
I graduated from San Jose State and resumed my previous pattern of moving every 2 to 3 years. During the next 10 years I held many different positions in marketing, engineering, technical support and at one point as a business owner. Yet my love of flight continued to call. I had started flying at a very early age and would end up spending the next 25+ years in the airline industry.
In 1987 I moved to Hawaii where I meet my wonderful wife Carrie. We spent several of our winter vacations in Tahoe and naturally fell in love with the peace and beauty of the mountains. On one of our vacations we decided we wanted to spend more of our "free" time here and bought a home. In 2001 we moved full time to the mountains and I commuted to work - 3000 miles to Honolulu.
I feel my spiritual path really started when taking Tai Chi classes at LTCC. It was here that I was first exposed to what my teacher called "correct world view" or what Michael Beckwith calls the "real" world vs. the "reel" world. I had happily existed in the "reel" world up until then but felt there was something else profound to discover about life and myself. Through following a simple practice of reading spiritually based books, I discovered many common principles in all faiths, religions and beliefs. I was drawn to Unity at the Lake because of the principle of "many paths and one God". This actually started by attending an  Awaking Wednesday class which led to attending Sunday Celebrations. Here I found a wonderful, enriching, supportive, safe environment to continue my discovery.
I want to thank Unity and all my friends for allowing me to serve and continue my path. The universe does truly provide what we need. Bless you all..


Michael Farnon - SecretaryMichael Farnon, Secretary

Born April 3, 1951 in Chicago, Ill. to parents Dorothy and Mel Cavin. In 1957 moved to Southern California till I was 14. In 1967, after a few stops along the way, ended up in Beautiful Lake Tahoe. Also along the way, a man named Brian Farnon adopted me and life was good.
Have had a wonderful job working at Norm’s auto repair for the last 17 years repairing cars and sometimes the frazzled nerves of my customers. Retirement is just around the corner and I am looking forward to it.
Now its time to give back to Unity some time I just could not devote before. Unity first entered my life about 11 years ago when introduced to me by a friend. I was going through some tough times then and Unity helped me onto the right track. It wasn’t long before, with the help of a friend at Unity, I met and married my wonderful wife.
Again through Unity I found a voice in ONE VOICE, and also joined the team at Bread and Broth. It is truly a blessing to give.
I am the proud father of a son and daughter and two amazing grandbabies, and also step-dad to my wife’s two boys. It is truly a blessing to be alive. Proud Unity member, Michael Farnon


Nancy Nance, Member-at-LargeNancy Nance, Member-at-Large

Hi, I am Nancy Nance and I have been asked to serve on the Council of Trustees. I am honored to have been asked and also a little surprised.  It took me a couple of days to decide whether or not to serve.  I figured that if this showed up in my life, it must be important. So I said yes.  I trust that things that show up in my life, especially unexpectedly, must be there for a reason.

I joined Unity at the suggestion of my good friends Ed and Marsha Slater.  I was going through a tough time and they knew that Unity would provide the peace and love that my life was lacking (or so I thought) at that time.

I fell in love with the messages and the people right away.  Many people have said this before, but I truly felt at home right away.  I knew I had met my soul group.

I taught high school English years ago until I realized I felt more comfortable with elementary aged kids.  I taught for a couple of years and now I substitute teach in all of the elementary schools here in Lake Tahoe.  I still love working with the young children who give me much more that I give them.  They are delightful.

I have been on the Council years ago with Denise Schellink.  I was the secretary then and it was educational.

It will be a new and wonderful experience to be on the Council with Rev. Stew and Hillary Bittman.  I am looking forward to serving my dearly loved Unity family.


Anik Dean, Member-at-LargeAnik Dean, Member-at-Large

A few years ago, I realized I could no longer ignore my spirit’s cry for help – I knew it was time to remember God in my heart and in my life. Even though I had been raised catholic, the church no longer spoke to my heart, so I had to look elsewhere.

A few close friends kept mentioning Unity whenever I spoke of my need, so we came to our first celebration in February 2014. The moment Stew started speaking, I knew I had found my soul’s new home.

Since that morning, Unity has enriched my life in more ways than I can express. Just attending Unity events has given me a comm-Unity, One Voice has opened my heart and my voice to music and being a Prayer Chaplain changed how I live my prayer practice.

Every time and every way I get involved with Unity has grown me a little more every day into the shining light of peace and compassion I want to be. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to serve my comm-Unity in this new way! Thank you UATL! And thank you God! Thank you, Anik Dean