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Sunday Celebrations CD's

Every Sunday Worship Celebration is available on audio CD. Just let us know which date you want. Suggested Love Offering $5 ea. ($1 for shipping)


Our newest OneVoice Live CD!

"Harvesting Our Dreams" - 2015

A live recording of the fabulous OneVoice concert at our last "Harvesting Our Dreams" FUNdraiser in November 2015. There were 14 amazing voices joined together (plus our wonderful instrument players - with Rev. Stew on the DRUMS!) to create a powerful, FUN evening of music! We've heard several comments that this is our best OneVoice CD yet! Enjoy 12 great songs, including a few OneVoice classics as well as some brand new music chosen just for this concert. 

OneVoice -Harvesting Our Dreams 2015

"Songs of Healing"

Featuring a beautiful compilation of some of our most beloved songs recorded live at our Sunday Celebrations. A perfect gift to bless yourself or someone else...& feel the healing vibes of love flowing from the melodies & messages of the music into your heart!

Available now for a love offering (pick up on Sundays or during office hours, or you can email/call us to order) .

OneVoice: Songs of Healing




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"Singing Into Love"

A collection of songs from 2010/2011.

16 great songs to inspire and remind you of your Truth!

Available now for a love offering.

OneVoice - Singing into Love



"Morning Meditations"

These guided meditations, accompanied by beautiful, uplifting music, were recorded live during our 2010 Unity at the Lake Sunday Celebrations. Captured within that sacred energy, they will bless your day with inspiration and peace.

Available for a love offering.

Morning Meditations




"Spirit In Bloom"

...If you love singing along with our UATL music ministry OneVoice or you enjoy complimenting your meditation time with their sweet, gentle melodies - you'll be in "Heaven in 2011" with our newly released CD! Some of our most heart opening, uplifting & most loved selections from 2009, recorded live at our Sunday Celebrations. Truly a gift! 

Available for a love offering.

OneVoice - Spirit in Bloom



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“Piano Melodies” - a compilation of solo piano music joyously played by our music director Kristina. Live improvised melodies recorded at the beginning of our Sunday Celebrations, created with the intention to open hearts and set the sacred energy of the day.

Available for $10 (Ships for $11)

Select if you will Pick it Up or need it Shipped

Piano Melodies - Director Kristina






"Hands and Hearts for Haiti" an awesome live recording, is from the benefit concert for Haiti put on by James Crawford last February (thank you, James!). Another great collection of songs with many of our favorites including "Rising Again" &"Heal This Land”. Love offering.



"Morning Meditations '09" CD

9 beautiful songs  by OneVoice with meditations led by Stew & Hillary,recorded live during our Sunday celebrations.  A perfect way to begin the day! Love offering.

Morning Meditations 2009

12 Powers Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Ceremony

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Journeys to the Heart

We’ve gotten rave reviews for our new meditation CD, lovingly created by Hillary, Stew, Kristina and Jazz. It includes four inspiring journeys, accompanied by angelic music, to transport you on an inward journey to your own vastness and power. Each of these guided meditations will open your heart and lead you to a deeper knowing of your highest Truth.

Click Buy-Now below to Order one that you will Pick Up or select to have it shipped to you!

Journey's to the Heart - CD

MAKE A SELECTION: You'll either Pick it Up or need it Shipped. (If you need it shipped then type your address in the 'comments' box upon PayPal check out).

"The I Am That We Are"

A compilation of some of this year’s favorite inspirational and meditative songs recorded live at our Sunday Celebrations.

Suggested Love Offering $15 ($1 for shipping).

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OneVoice 2008

Songfest 2008

Enjoy this live recording of our 1st annual Songfest performance. A fantastic set, with some of our favorite OneVoice songs, including “Joy To The World”, “Down In My Soul”, “One Voice”, “What Would Love Do Now” & much more!! Thanks again to James Crawford for organizing this wonderful community event!

Suggested Love Offering $15 ($1 for shipping).

Donating/Ordering Instructions

SongFest2008 OneVoice

OneVoice Live 2007

A fabulous CD with a compilation of the Inspirational Songs. Sit back and relax listening to the OneVoice Music Minstry Team!

Suggested Love Offering $15 ($1 for shipping)

Donating/Ordering Instructions

OneVoice LIVE  2007

Morning Meditations ‘07

We now have a meditation CD, “Morning Meditations ‘07” featuring 8 meditations by Stew, each about 5 minutes long…a perfect way to begin the day!

OneVoice, our fabulous musical ministry team, leads into each meditation with a beautiful song and continues to play during the meditations.

Suggested Love Offering $15 ($1 for shipping)

MorningMeditations 2007

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CD's are also available to order through the Unity at the Lake office. You may email us, call us, or simply inquire Sundays after the Celebrations. Musical Blessings!

Unity at the Lake Signs

Mission/Vision Statement Sizes:
bullet Sm: 2¼ x 3¼ (wallet size)
bullet Med: 4 x 6
bullet Lg: 5 x 7
bullet XL: 8 x 10

Unity at the Lake signs

Logo Sign Sizes:
bullet Sm: 4 x 1¾
bullet Med: 7 x 3
bullet Lg: 12½ x 5½
bullet XL: 18 x 8

UATL signs

bullet *add $2/ea print for lamination.
bullet Small: $3
bullet Medium: $6
bullet Large: $10
bullet Extra Large: $15

Ordering Instructions

You can also order by calling the office or fill out an order form at Sunday Celebrations.









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